Morrison Cemetery
Photographed by Linda Hill & Pat Hammock
& Jim & Debbie Powell
If You have any information on any of our Unknowns Or you know of a cemetery that we have not found please let us know.
Website by Jim Powell Jr
1 Morrison Cemetary   Entrance 
2 Morrison' Cemetary    
3Theo Carlton 04 April 1895 09 November 1896 Son of William Alexander Carlton and Mary Ann Holden 
4 Morrison's Cemetary    
5Joel Oliver Carlton 13 December 1897 07 June 1898 Son of Andrew Washingto Carlton and Alice Eason Hall 
6Thos. M. Carlton 24 September 1888 22 August 1889 Son of Andrew Washington Carlton and Alice Eason Hall 
7McKeen W. Carlton 12 December 1825 29 December 1887 McKeen Ward Carlton born in Thomas Co. GA. Son of Rev. Thomas Carlton and Nancy Ward. 
8McKeen W. Carlton   Rear View of headstone 
9McKeen W. Carlton 22 December 1825 29 December 1887 McKeen Ward Carlton-This is the first stone  
10 Mrs. Anna Carlton 17 June 1829 05 October 1906 Anna Morrison daughter of Daniel Morrison and Sarah Johnson. Married McKeen Carlton Aug. 1, 1847 Alachua Co. FL. Children-Nancy M; William A; Adeline R.; Sarah A; Andrew W; Charles C; George L; Daniel T.; Thaddeus S; John F. 
11Anna Carlton   Back view of Anna Carlton's tombstone 
12Ann Elizabeth/Henry Malcolm Morrison 1878/1891 1878/1891 Infant children of Columbus C. Morrison and Sarah A. Carlton. 
13 William Alexander Thomas 25 June 1863 25 September 1866 Son of James T. Thomas and Sarah Caroline Morrison. 
14Rebekah Thomas 07 February 1866 15 October 1866 Daughter of James T.Thomas and Sarah Caroline Morrison 
15Sarah Carolina Morrison  30 September 1867 Wife of James T. Thomas. She died at the age of 29 yrs, 4 mos. 6 days. Sarah Caroline was daughter of Daniel Morrison and Sarah Johnson. 
16Mrs. Mary Johnson  07 July 1889 Age 36 years. 
17Effie Monroe  03 August 1879 Born in Isle of Sky, Scotland. Wife of John Monroe. 1870 Census for Putnam Co. FL gives her name as Effrey and age as 67 living with son Goen (John) Monroe. 
18Dora Dupree Jolly 14 August 1860 05 August 1885 Wife of Francis Marion Jolly 
19 Jolly   Family enclosure 
20Augusta May Jolly 13 September 1883 02 October 1884 Daughter of James Stafford Jolly and Esther Elizabeth Jolly 
21 J. J. Montgomery Dr. 20 September 1884 Dr. James J. Montgomery died at age 54 - Headstone Missing. 
22 Morrison's Cemetary