Unknown (Trinity) Cemetery
Photographed by Mary Murphy & Betty Taylor
If You have any information on any of our Unknowns Or you know of a cemetery that we have not found please let us know.
Website by Jim Powell Jr
1 Wview   Looking West from Trinity parking lot. Large Cross with no markings in middle of what appears to be 
2Sue R. Hinnant 27 January 1854 30 September 1886 Twas hard to give thee up, but thy will O God be done. One of two stones in wooden fence area S of  
3Sectional View  Fenced enclosure with two marked graves 
4Sectional View  Closer view of enclosure with two marked graves. One is face down. Sue Hinnant is still standing. 
5Sectional View  Up Close view of Large Cross in middle of what appears to have been the main burial ground. Most of 
6N/a N/a   Currently there are about 18 of these small markers--each with the same headstone and marked only wi 
7W. Hershel Caver 12 May 1915 28 March 2000 Phil 4:8 
8Henry H. Griffin 10/--/1852 01/--/1904 This stone is laying flat near two broken tombstone bases. 
9Infant Son of Howard 14 October 1885  Budded to Bloom in Heaven. (This stone was lying face down when cemetery was surveyed) 
10Sectional View  Grave site near trees with only the bottom portion of stone remaining. 
11Sectional View  Grave site near trees up close. Top is broken and missing. 
12Sectional View  Looking North from clearing toward Trinity Church. 
13Minerva H. Laws 12 November 1834 12 March 1906 Photograph of tombstone on left in enclosure lying flat in 2004.