Hawthorne Baptist
(Formerly known as Pleasant Grove Baptist) Cemetery

Photographed by Linda Hill & Pat Hammock
& Jim & Debbie Powell
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Website by Jim Powell Jr
1Nancy J. & Alice & Lanora I. Quarles 1834/1865/1854 1883/1883/1883 Large granite (6') QUARLES-Nancy J and her daughters. Nancy J. Petty b. Sept 1, 1834 daughter of Rev. Ralph Petty. Nancy married June 19, 1853 in Marshall Co. KY to James Monroe Quarles who was b. Oct 25 1825. They lived Paducah, KY. Re-Located to Hawtho 
2John Torrance Jolly 03 March 1818 04 August 1881 Husband of Sarah Sanford Stafford Jolly. In 1880 John T. Jolly and wife Sarah lived in Starke, Bradford Co. FL. with children: Frank, Ezekiah, Lorena B., Laura S. and Walter. 
3Infant Sherouse 17 June 1883 17 June 1883 Of J.W. and A.O. Sherouse-No death date on stone 
4Thurlow J. Sherouse 18 December 1880 17 September 1882 Son of J.W. and A.O. Sherouse-John W. Sherouse married Alice O. Hinson 1877, Alachua Co. Fl. by J.D. Rogers BK-A Page 954 
5Infant Sherouse 16 September 1879  Of J.W. & A.O. Sherouse-No death date on stone 
6Alice Olla Johnson 30 September 1869 17 September 1885 Inscription on stone "She believed and sleeps in Jesus". Alice Olla was daughter of Thomas Augustus Johnson and granddaughter of Augustus H. Johnson. Her father Thomas Gugustus Johnson was b. May 21, 1848 in Gadsden Co. Fl. and her mother was Arabella St 
7James M. Hawthorn 26 January 1879 10 May 1879 Son of Geo. W. and F.E. Hawthorn - George Washington Hawthorn father of James M. Hawthorn and his sister Harriet Neal Hawthorn was b. July 4, 1849 in AL. He married Frances Eveline Morton the daughter of Marshal and Amanda Fernandez Morton who was b. 1851 
8Cornelia Thomas   Dau. of J.W. & M.E. Thomas Aged 8 m & t d. 
9W.S. (Rev.) Perry 10 December 1826 28 November 1889 Inscription on Stone -"A precious one from us has gone, A voice we loved is stilled, Which never can be filled. God in His wisdom has recalled, The Boon His love had given. Although the body moulders here, The soul is safe in heaven".  
10Little Darling Unknown   Birth and Death dates not recorded on stone 
11Our Darling Unknown   Birth and Death dates not recorded on stone 
12Our Darling Unknown   Birth and Death dates not recorded on stone. 
13Little William Unknown   Birth & Death dates not recorded on stone. Possible son of Andrew Beck 
14Little Darling Unknown   Birth and Death dates not recorded on stone 
15Andrew Beck 20 April 1819 14 March 1875 Andrew Beck born in Barnwell Co. SC married Elizabeth Lane who was b. Feb 24 1823 in SC. She d. Feb 23, 1905 and is buried in the New Hawthorne Cem. Children: Mary Ann Rebecca; Joseph J.; Frances C.; Thomas Crawford; Martha Elizabeth; Madison H.; Andrew J 
16Infant Townsend   Birth and Death dates not recorded on stone - Of T.J. and S.H. Townsend. Thomas Jefferson Townsend b. Sept 17 1874 and d. Jan 25 1957 was a son of Noah Townsend. Thomas J. married Serena Boulware on Feb 28 1896 in Alachua Co. FL by C.N. Morrow. BK D Pag 
17Sarah C. Waits  1872 Sarah C. Waits died at age 48. Wife of Wm. Waits  
18WM. Waits  1875 WM. Waits died at the age of 65. Children of William Waits and Sarah C. Waits as of 1860 census for Alachua Co. FL: Wm. Jos.; Bolin M.; Thomas R. ; Florida J.; Helen E; James M. 
19Ella Jane Paulling 08 August 1850 16 October 1879 Wife of F.F. Paulling. Ella Jane Johnson, daughter of Augustus H. Johnson was b. in Gadsen Co. FL. On Dec 6, 1870 she married Falcon Fox Paulling. Children: Queen Florilla; Sarah Mat "Sally" ;Henry Augustus; Earnest Lanier. 
20Augustus H. Johnson 11 September 1821 03 November 1880 Augustus H. Johnson born in GA. son of William S. Johnson and Elizabeth Jane Lanier. Augustus married April 12, 1843 Queen Ann Hall. daughter of Major William Hall. Queen Ann b. March 17 1825 in Tallahassee and d. Oct 26 1859 buried Oak Ridge Cem. Childre 
21Pauline R. Hawthorn 16 March 1862 15 December 1881 Wife of Sam'l L. Hawthorn. Inscription on stone "Alas how sad to part with thee, my own, my all. Farewell till we meet above." Samuel Lemuel Hawthorn married Pauline R. Waits 1880 in Alachua Co. FL by H.M. King. BK B, Page 235 
22Amanda Elizabeth Collins 11 November 1855 24 October 1878 Inscriptiion on stone " Aprecious one is from us, gone, A voice we loved is stilled, A place is vacant in our hearts, Which never can be filled. (the rest illegible). Amanda Elizabeth was daughter of William S. Perry 
23Maggie E. McMichael  01 May 1883 Wife of J.T. aged 20 yrs. 5 Mos. & 16 Ds. J.T. (John) McMichael married Maggie Scott in 1880 by William Johnson in Alachua Co. FL. BK B Page 230 
24Lemuel A. Dearing 13 April 1809 19 December 1866 Lemuel A. Dearing married in 1835 Florilla Hawthorn, dau of Benjamin Hawthorn. She was b. April 23, 1814 in Madison, GA. She died June 12 1907 and is buried in New Hawthorne Cem. Children: Ida; Fannie; Josephine. 
25Lemuel A. Dearing   Close up of previous stone 
26 Unknown   Flat stone-unreadable 
27O. Hinson 27 August 1795 08 February 1864 Inscription on stone -"Come ye blessed of my father". Olive Hinson was wife of Matthew Hinson. 
28B.R. Hinson 18?? ???? Stone deterioratedand partially buried. Bryant R. Hinson obtained 80.02 Acres May 1, 1855 in Alachua Co. FL. Book of Minutes for Pleasant Grove Church (now First Baptist Church) Records B.R. Hinson died in Confederate Service April 17, 1862. 
29John Holden  21 June 1889 Died at age 82 yrs, 4 mo. 14 days. John Holden was b. 1815 in Carlow, Ireland 
30Sallie J. Holden 20 April 1861 05 August 1945 Youngest child of John Holden and wife Mary Cleary Holden 
31Mary Holden  08 December 1878 Inscription on stone "Sacred to the Memory of Mary, wife of John Holden". Mary Cleary was b. 1829 in Monoghan, Ireland. Children: Bridget; Mary Ann; Thomas C.; Sallie J.  
32Bridget Holden  16 September 1862 "Erected by John Holden in memory of his beloved daughter-Aged 8 yrs". 
33Andrew J. Riddle  26 April 1861 Inscription on stone "May your soul rest in peace". Andrew J. Riddle worked as a clerk in a country store, Alachua Co. 1860. He was born in Canada. 
34E.J. Sanders   Stone broken and partially buried. Concrete covers the dates. 
35G.D. Sanders  01 August 1858 Inscription " Asleep in Jesus" Below this is inscribed "By his Bros." 
36Infant Babe Sanders   Inscription "Infant Babe of J.D. & M. Sanders 
37Infant Babe Sanders   Inscription "Infant Babe of J.D. & M. Sanders 
38Infant Babe Sanders   Inscription "Infant Babe of J.D. & M. Sanders 
39A.E. Bishop   Inscription "Son of T. & E. Bishop". Dates buried in concrete. 
40T. McCone 17 March 1829 17 February 1882 Inscription on stone "Waiting". 
41J.D. Sanders  06 June 1879 Inscription "Waiting". Below - "By his sons". 
42Mrs. M. Sanderson 16 September 1810 11 November 1870  
43Infant daughter Waits 17 October 1880  Stone partially covered with cement. B.W. (Bolden) Waits married 1879 in Alachua Co. FL to A.M. Boon by William Johnson. BK B. Page 188. 
44Jane Sherouse 01 January 1826 24 December 1863 Inscription-"Wife of Isreal Sherouse-Gone but not forgotten". Isreal Sherouse was a veteran of Seminole and Civil Wars. He received bounty lands in Alachua Co. for his service. Isreal Sherouse married Jane Wiggins Nov 24, 1846.1846. Received Bounty lands 
45Andrew Jackson Maddox   Andrew Jackson son of Francis C. & Jackson Maddox 
46David Riles 01 October 1817 07 April 1882  
47J.T. Sanders Jan 14, ???? 01 January 1877 Stone deteriorated 
48 Unknown   Stone only has the initials J.F.S. 
49 Unknown   Stone only has the initials E.J.S. 
50Little Fannie Maddox   Little Fannie daughter of Francis C. & Jackson Maddox 
51F.C. Maddox 06 November 1859 13 August 1884 Francis C. (Fannie) was dau of Andrw Beck. She married Jackson Maddoc Nov 2, 1865 in Alachua Co.  
52Henry J. Cradick 09 September 1806 23 September 1874 In the year 1870 Henry "Craddock" was a planter born in SC and lived with his wife Mary aged 65 also born in SC and son Edward age 24 also born in SC. 
53Caroline F. Weeks 09 August 1862 22 February 1882 Wife of Chas. M. Weeks. 
54Martha L. Seigler 31 December 1852 10 February 1863 Martha L. was daughter of Marshall Seigler & Permelia Ellen Johnson Seigler. 
55Unamed Infant Daughter Seigler 01 October 1864 01 October 1864 Daughter of Marshall Seigler and Permelia Ellen Johnson Seigler 
56Permelia Ellen Seigler 19 August 1832 12 February 1869 Stone inscription is painted in black show birth date as 1882. Indentation on stone is 1832. Permelia Ellen Johnson married 6 March 1851 Marshall Seigler 
57Elizabeth P. Strickland 22 January 1870 09 April 1871 Elizabeth P. Strickland daughter of J.B. & Z.E. Strickland 
58B.F. Johnson   Stone deteriorated. Concrete covers dates. Son of Dr. W.W. & E. Johnson 
59John F. Grove 04 May 1862 20 September 1883 Born Sunday, Son of W.A. & Maria Grove 
60Ella Scofield 15 April 1883 04 July 1883 Daughter of Walter P. & Christine Scofield 
61Agnes Rosa Scofield 09 October 1884 30 May 1885 Daughter of Walter P. & Christine Scofield 
62Lewis Edgar Scofield 10 December 1887 24 September 1889 Son of Walter P. & Christine Scofield. W.P. Scofield married Christine Colson Feb 26, 1882 in Alachua Co. FL. by William Johnson. BK B Page 352 
63Hardy L. Tillis  23 April 1883 Hardy L. Tillis died at the age of 15 days. Son of W.H. & J.E. Tillis. 
64Olive J. Riles   Stone buried in concrete. Wife of S.T. Riles and dau of A.G. & S.N. Samuel T. Riles married Olive J. Hinson Jan 11, 1877 in Alachua Co. FL by William Johnson 
65E.E. Johnson 20 February 1860 Sept 31, 1862 Son of Dr. W.W. & E. Johnson 
66S.J. Johnson 22 May 1869 09 January 1871 Instricption "Waiting" S.J. son of Dr. W.W. & E. Johnson 
67Unamed Infant Daughter Seigler  11 January 1873 Daughter of M. & M.E.H.Seigler. Infant Twin dau of Marshal Seigler and wife Nancy Eugenia Holloway. 
68Unnamed Infant Son Seigler  11 January 1873 Son of M.&M.E.H. Seigler. Infant Twin son of Marshall Seigler and Wife Nancy Eugenia Holloway. 
69John M. Seigler 18 July 1844 01 August 1870 Son of Marshall & "Nanot" S. Seigler. "Nanot" is painted in black-indentation is "Nancy". Marshall Seigler married Nancy Saraham Asbill March 4, 1841 In SC. 
70B.W. Waits Oct 10, ???? 10 October 1880 No stone found 
71James Henry (Harris) Johnson 08 March 1871 18 September 1872 No stone found 
72M. and P.E. (Twins) Seigler 01 October 1864 01 October 1864 No stone found