All Saints / Hatchet Creek North Cemetery
Photographed by James, Tracie & Jim Powell
If You have any information on any of our Unknowns Or you know of a cemetery that we have not found please let us know.
Website by Jim Powell Jr
1 Sectional View   Corner of new fence 
2 Sectional View   Closer View, you can see a stone right above the corner post 
3 Sectional View   View at first stone 
4 Sectional View   Another view at the first stone. You can see a portion of the coping around a double grave in the foreground. 
5 Unknown   Closeup up the coping around a double grave 
6 Detail   Closeup of the corner of the coping 
7Elizabeth B. OBrien 22 November 1850 02 August 1887 Beloved wife of Rev. W.J. OBrien 
8Kate Hall  20 June 1888 Wife of E.C. Hall 
9 Sectional View   View of the major section of the cemetery 
10Susan H. Shaw Smith 03 August 1823 15 March 1883 Wife of Rev. Jerimiah M. Smith 
11 M.J.S.   This is a stone in the headstone row. Initials appear to be M.J.S. 
12James K. Shaw  24 June 1882   
13Mary J. Shaw  02 June 1886   
14 Sectional View   View of the Furman fence 
15 Sectional View   View from within the Furman fence 
16 Furman   Furman Stone (There were no visible signs of individual stones) 
17 Detail   Furman fence corner detail 
18 Detail   Furman fence gate 
19 Unknown   View of fenced plot 
20 Detail   Detail of fence corner 
21 Detail   Detail of gate latch, Pat Sept. 18, 1888