Grove Park Cemetery
Photographed by Linda Hill & Pat Hammock
& Jim & Debbie Powell
If You have any information on any of our Unknowns Or you know of a cemetery that we have not found please let us know.
Website by Jim Powell Jr
1Louisa M.E. Cook 15 December 1869 25 May 1895  
2Louisa M.E. Cook   Footstone 
3 Cook   Row of Cook stones showing two bases with stones missing 
4W. Loyd 15 September 1829 12 May 1889  
5W. Loyd   View showing design on back of Stone 
6Pawnee Moore 02 March 1877 08 June 1889  
7Allen G. Moore 22 January 1880 16 October 1888  
8Sectional View  View showing Previous stones with footstones 
9Mary C. Holdridge  10 May 1883 Wife of W.H.H. Holdridge Aged 45 years 9 months 1 day 
10W.H.H. Holdridge 13 April 1831 09 June 1909  
11Adoniram Crane Jr1810 1893  
12 Detail   Detail of top of fence post 
13 Detail   Detail of Stone Makers Mark 
14 Detail   Detail of Gate top 
15Sectional View  View of fenced in area beyond oak