Chitty Cemetery
Photographed by Florence Van Arnum, James Powell, Janet Messer, Jeff Rubin & Jim Powell Jr
If You have any information on any of our Unknowns Or you know of a cemetery that we have not found please let us know.
Website by Jim Powell Jr
1 Wide Angle View   Showing most of the stones in this cemetery 
2Edwin L. Bouknight 22 December 1853 11 September 1868 Son of E. and J.E. Bouknight. Aged 9 years 9 months 12 days 
3Jane Elizabeth Bouknight 31 August 1830 06 April 1862 Wife of E. Bouknight & daughter of Green B. & Susan C. Mitchell. Aged 30 years 8 months & 6 days 
4 Unknown    
5Oredian Labon Bouknight 31 August 1875 19 November 1875 Son of J.H. & M.E. Bouknight 
6 Unknown    
7 Wide Angle View    
8Wm E. Bouknight 08 March 1849 12 March 1874  
9 Wide Angle View    
10 Unknown   There are several field stones that seem to have once been grave markers 
11 Unknown   There is a row with what may have been graves surrounded by a rings if bricks